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Download MS4W

MS4W Base Package


Stable builds contain MapServer version 6.0.3: Install Notes History

setup.exe Installer

zip Archive


Development builds contain MapServer 6.1-dev and MapCache: Install Notes History

zip Archive

Applications Packaged for MS4W

Extract the packages below to the root of the drive where your MS4W is installed on (e.g. C:\ ) and restart Apache. If you used the setup.exe installer you would extract these to the base of where you installed ms4w (e.g. if you have C:/Program Files/ms4w/, extract into C:/Program Files).

ArcIMS Emulator


dBox MapServer

Dracones Framework for MapServer



Introdução ao MapServer (Portuguese)

ka-Map Javascript API



MapLab enjoys a well-deserved retirement after serving thousands of users for several years.

MapServer users looking for mapfile creation tools should try Quantum GIS.

MapServer Itasca Demo Application

MapServer OGC Web Services Workshop

MapServer version 6.2.0-beta4 release Upgrade

OpenLayers Javascript API

PHP/MapScript Sample Application


p.mapper (MapServer PHP/MapScript Framework)

PostgreSQL / PostGIS Installer

    Since v8.0, PostgreSQL distributes a nice installer for windows. PostGIS is also distributed with this installer, and you can choose to use the version that comes with the installer, or use a more recent PostGIS version from the Refractions page.

    The previously available pgsql75win file has been removed because it was created before the PostgreSQL win32 installer existed, and also has some security issues as referred to here.

Tilecache MapServer (WMS-C tilecache through MapServer)

TinyOWS (A High Performance WFS-T server)


Printer Friendly



Installing MS4W

Packaging MS4W Apps.


Professional Support

MS4W custom builds and MapServer support from Gateway Geomatics

Mailing list

MS4W Users List