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MapServer 6.2.0-beta4 upgrade package for MS4W 3.x


This will upgrade your MapServer installation to the version 6.2.0-beta4 release. Please read the 6.2.0-beta4 announcement before continuing. This package works best with MS4W 3.0.6.

Note that the Oracle plugin and all mapscript flavors will work with this upgrade; but the SDE, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and MapCache plugins will not. A full MS4W base package will be released shortly after the MapServer 6.2.0 release.


After installing ms4w-3.0.x, extract the 6.2.0-beta4 upgrade package at the same root of your existing MS4W installation. You can verify that MapServer was upgraded by executing 'mapserv -v' at the commandline (after executing /ms4w/setenv.bat).

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