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Mapbender-MS4W release notes


  • Have a look at the installation guide
  • Unzip package to the same root as MS4W base
  • Install PostgreSQL with PostGIS. Download the windows installer and install PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • Add the path to the PostgreSQL-bin to your PATH variable (for example: C:\Programs\PostgreSQL\8.3\bin)
  • Install Poedit ( for internationalisation
  • Add the path to the poedit-bin directory to your PATH variable (for example: C:\Programs\Poedit\bin)
  • PHP configuration
    • uncomment the following lines in you php.ini (\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin\php.ini)
    • short_open_tag = OFF
    • extension=php_gd2.dll
    • extension=php_gettext.dll
    • extension=php_mbstring.dll
    • restart your Apache with double click on /ms4w/apache-restart.bat
  • Mapbender needs a database. There is an install script that will help you to create this database.
    • Start the install script (\mapbender\resources\db\install_2.5.2) and follow the instructions
  • configure the file \ms4w\apps\mapbender\conf\mapbender.conf. Add your database connection parameters at row 40
  • You can run the script mapbender_setup.php to get information about your Mapbender installation and check whether everything is ok
    • You find the script at mapbender/tools/mapbender_setup.php. You have to copy the script to mapbender/http/mapbender_setup.php
    • Informations about Mapbender: http://localhost/mapbender/tools/mapbender_setup.php
  • To login navigate to http://localhost/mapbender/. A user:root with password:root exists to login
  • Now you have lots of applications to discover. Read more about Mapbender in the Wiki
  • Mapbender first Steps will help your to create your own application

For More Information

MS4W Package Contributor

Astrid Emde (Member of the Mapbender Developer Team ), Martin Hüben (WhereGroup)


See the Mapbender version history page for the recent changes.


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MS4W custom builds and MapServer support from Gateway Geomatics

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