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The current version of ka-Map requires MapServer's PHP MapScript. 
MapServer version 4.4.x will work, but better results will be 
obtained with MapServer 4.10. 

1- Download and extract the GMap Sample MS4W package from (at the same
   root as your MS4W installation).

2- Download and extract the ka-Map MS4W package from (at the same
   root as your MS4W installation).

3- Restart your Apache and you should be ready to view ka-Map at:

4- You can edit ka-Map's config.php 
   (/ms4w/apps/kamap-xxx/htdocs/config.php) to configure your 
   installation for your local settings if required. All configurable 
   parameters are documented in the file.
   Things to watch for:
    - Make sure the $szPHPMapScriptModule and $szPHPGDModule 
      filenames match your installation
    - Make sure the path to the mapfile is right in the 
      $aszMapFiles array.
    - Make sure $szBaseCacheDir points to a valid directory on your 
      system to hold the tile cache. 
5- A script has also been included to clear your 'kacache' directory 
   of image tiles.  The script is /ms4w/apps/kamap-xxx/del-kacache.bat, 
   and it points to the C directory, so if you installed MS4W on a 
   different drive just modify the script.  Run the script by 
   double-clicking it or executing it at a command prompt.

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