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MapLab enjoys a well-deserved retirement after serving thousands of users for several years.

Active development and maintenance of MapLab has ended with version 2.2.1. This website is maintained here only for reference for those still using MapLab and for the posterity.

MapServer users looking for mapfile creation tools should try one of the following active projects: 1) Quantum GIS or 2) MapStorer.


MapLab is a suite of effective and intuitive web-based tools to create and manage MapServer web mapping applications and map files. It consists of three components: MapEdit, MapBrowser and GMapFactory.

  • MapEdit

    A visual administration tool for the editing and management of map files. MapEdit gives you full control over all aspects of a map file and provides validation to ensure your map file structure is correct. It also features a form-based interface for modifying mapfile parameters, a fully navigable map preview, access to the raw mapfile, and symbol,colour,font, and file selector dialogs.

  • MapBrowser

    A tool for the visual selection of spatial data from local and WMS sources. It can also be used to specify a key map view, map size and map projection. Using this module, MapLab acts as a browser of WMS compliant servers.

  • GMapFactory

    An intuitive tool for the rapid creation and deployment of mapping applications. GMapFactory can be used to define the layout of an application and specify which mapping interface components to include.

MapLab is OpenSource, this means that you can use it freely for your own applications, and that you also have access to the source code. Just like with any OpenSource project, we hope that users of MapLab will contribute their improvements and report any problems or suggestions.

NOTE: MapLab 2.x active development has ended with version 2.2. There may be a series of 2.2.x releases to fix any serious bugs that may come up. read more

Latest Version

The latest release of MapLab is version 2.2.1 -- Download it Now


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