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MapLab enjoys a well-deserved retirement after serving thousands of users for several years.

Active development and maintenance of MapLab has ended with version 2.2.1. This website is maintained here only for reference for those still using MapLab and for the posterity.

MapServer users looking for mapfile creation tools should try one of the following active projects: 1) Quantum GIS or 2) MapStorer.

MapLab 2.2 Notes

The most important news it that MapLab 2.2 is likely to be the last major release in the 2.x stream of the technology. However there may be a series of 2.2.x releases to fix any serious bugs that may come up.

In the past few years we have conducted some technology experiments to see how far we can push cartographic tools in a web environment - some of you have seen this in the form of Studio and some very early MapLab 3.0 technology attempts.

At this point - we are going to be consolidating our various experiments to come up with a long-term product strategy for MapLab including timeframes for development and of course, securing funding to support this effort. We can provide no guarantees at this time as to what that will be -- but we hope to have a clearer idea for this in the months ahead.

If any of you in the community are interested in becoming actively engaged in this effort, please let us know as we are keen to get any help we can and importantly, to get your thoughts on what you would like to see in the future.

the MapLab development team


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