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Unfortunately, the libary still lacks good documentation for the complete C++ API. However, for simple applications that do not need all the power of the C++ interface, a simple C API built on top of the C++ API comes with the library. See the MITAB C API documentation.

MITAB-1.2.3-WIN32.ZIP: contains a precompiled version of the TAB2TAB command-line conversion program for WIN32 (DOS executable under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP).

TAB2TAB replaces the former TAB2MIF and MIF2TAB programs. The same program can do tab-to-mif and mif-to-tab translations:


     tab2tab <src_filename> <dst_filename>

Converts TAB or MIF file to TAB or MIF format. The extension of (.tab or .mif) defines the output format.


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