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MITAB Library - Revision History

CHANGES - Current Version:

Version 1.2.3 - (2002-10-15)

- Support auto-addition of a dummy "FID" column if TAB files are created
  with no fields, instead of producing an error.  A corresponding change
  has not yet been applied to the MIF driver. NFW

- Fixed lots of places that check for errors by examining CPLGetLastErrorNo().
  A warning will trigger all these places as an error.  Changed to check that
  the last error type was CE_Failure and add a CPLErrorReset() at the 
  beginning of many affected sections.  NFW

- Modified TABGetBasename() (in mitab_utils.cpp) to stop at the first
  forward or backslash otherwise "C:/warmerda/mi\" will result
  in a basename of "mi\".   NFW

- Modified datum list in mitab_spatialref.cpp with a bunch of new EPSG/OGC
  datum names provided by Siro Martello from Cadcorp. NFW

- Fix memory leak of m_pszIndex in mitab_miffile.cpp, the poSpatialRef
  in TABFile::SetMIFCoordSys(), and a leak in MITABExtractCoordSysBounds(). NFW

- Added untested support in mitab_spatialref.cpp, and mitab_coordsys.cpp for 
  projections Regional Mercator (26), Polyconic (27), Azimuthal Equidistant - 
  All origin latitudes (28), and Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area - any aspect 
  (29). NFW

Version 1.2.2 - (2002-07-06)

- Added a validation in TABMAPFile::GetFeatureId(). When there's no .map file 
  or no spatial indexes or no geometry, the function return -1 like an Eof.
  This prevent the reading of a file set to NULL. (bug 169 (MapServer))

- Treat Region as MultiPolygon in mitab_c_set_point() to support Regions
  with multiple islands and holes. Passing a part number <= 0 (second 
  parameter in mitab_c_set_point()) will result in adding a new island 
  (i.e. polygon).  By default, parts > 1 are treated as holes in the
  last island (polygon) that was created.

- Added IsInteriorRing() function in the TABRegion class to validate if a ring 
  in a polygon is an external or an internal ring. The function returns 
  true if the specified ring is an interior ring. The function 
  mitab_c_is_interior_ring() in mitab_capi.c has been created too to call 
  IsInteriorRing() if the feature is a region.

- In mitab_mapheaderblock.cpp, the Coordsys2Int() function used integer values 
  to check for overflow. However, in some case, integer was to small and caused
  problems with applications that called SetSpatialFilter() with a filter 
  much larger than the file's bounds.  So, this function now uses doubles 
  internally for comparison, but still returns and receives integers.

- Add SetSpatialFilter function in the TABSeamless class, to use seamless 
  layer in the right way. Now, the filter is applied on each data file and
  on the index file. (Bug 164 (MapServer))

Version 1.2.1 - (2002-05-08)

- Implement SetMIFCoordSys in the MIFFile class. The coordsys was not 
  written when calling mitab_c_create for MIF files because 
  MIFFile::SetMIFCoordSys always returned -1 (Bug 984).

- Added support for TABFC_FontPoint and TABFC_CustomPoint in
  mitab_c_create_feature(), mitab_c_set_points(), mitab_c_set_font() and 

- mitab_capi.h: Use stdcall by default for all public mitab.dll functions
  instead of cdecl.  Should still work fine for C/C++ users, and will
  allow VB/Delphi users to use the same DLL with Bo T.'s interface files.

Version 1.2.0 - (2002-05-03)

- Made changes in TABRelation to avoid an infinite loop. The m_poCurFeature
  object have been deleted and the function GetFeatureRef() have been replace
  by GetFeature(). This new function return a TABFeature object that must be 
  control by the calling method. (bug 706)

- Made important changes in order to support writing objects in 16 bits 
  coordinate format. New TABMAPObjHdr-derived classes are used to hold 
  object info in memory until block is full. 
  This was required in order to fix a problem when very small regions 
  were written in 32 bits coordinates when 16 bits should have been used
  because MBR < 65536.  In this case MapInfo would attempt to rewrite the
  modified object info in 16 bits format while the coordinates blocks are
  still in 32 bits format... resulting in a corrupted the file.
  Note that at this point only feature types that use separate coordinate
  blocks can be saved in 16 bits format (PLINE, MULTIPLINE and REGION).

- Prevent writing of coordinates outside of the +/-1e9 integer bounds.
  If coordinates outside of that range are written then the values are
  written as +/-1e9 instead and a warning (ERROR 503) is produced when 
  the file is closed.  Coordinates outside of the +/-1e9 bounds limits
  seemed to confuse MapInfo.

- Disabled the warning (ERROR 503) when coordinates outside of the +/-1e9
  integer bounds in SetCoordFilter().

- Modified the conversion of double to integer coordinates to fix an old
  problem where coordinates written by MITAB would be a little bit off 
  sometimes compared with the same values written by MapInfo.

- Modified mitab_capi.cpp to correctly produce "point" style arcs from
  mitab_c_set_arc().  It now sets a point geometry ensuring that the
  TABArc::ValidateMapInfoType() method will succeed.  As per DMSG Bug 644. NFW

- Fixed some TABView issues (bug 703): 
  - Support "select * ..." syntax
  - Accept source table names with or without the .tab extension
  - Avoid crash if .IND file for related table is missing (i.e. deleted)

- The OGRDriver Create method will now accept the FORMAT=MIF option to
  create a dataset of mif files instead of tab files. NFW

- Prevent an infinite loop of calls to LoadNextMatchingObjectBlock() in
  GetNextFeatureId() if no objects found in spatial index when using a 
  spatial filter.

- False Easting/Northing should be in the linear units of measure in MapInfo,
  but in OGRSpatialReference/WKT they are always in meters.  Convert 
  accordingly in mitab_coordsys.cpp and mitab_spatialref.cpp.  NFW

- Added support for reading and writing new V650 Multipoint for both TAB and 

- Added support for Cassini Soldner projection (projection 30). NFW

- Add EOF validation in MIDDATAFile::GetLastLine() to fix EOF problems
  while reading some MIF/MID files (Bug 819, JSL)

- New VB, Pascal, and MapBasic interfaces contributed by Bo Thomsen.
  See contrib/README_VB.TXT

- Added to C API: mitab_c_get_field_width(), mitab_c_get_field_precision()

Version 1.1.3 - (2001-11-02)

- mitab_tabview.cpp: Use VSIUnlink() instead of unlink(). NFW.

- mitab_utils.cpp: Don't use multi-byte support if _WIN32 and unix are
  defined to try and preserve cygwin support. NFW

- C API: Added mitab_c_get_text().
         Added mitab_c_get_mif_coordsys()
         Added mitab_c_get_projinfo() and mitab_c_set_projinfo()
         Changed mitab_c_create() to make bounds optional and allow using
         default projection bounds if available

- GetLabelStyleString(): take line spacing and num. of lines into account
  when calculating text height.

- Test for NULL geometries if spatial filter enabled in GetNextFeature()
  (objects with NONE geometry would have caused a crash when a spatial 
   filter was set).

- Fixed a few memory leaks in mitab_miffile.cpp.  NFW.

- Fixed mitab_capi.c to not delete the spatial ref unless dereferencing it
  drops the count to 0.  NFW.

- Modified TABFile::SetSpatialRef() to clone the passed in OGRSpatialReference
  instead of taking a reference to it, so it will work with stack allocated
  OGRSpatialReferences or in cases where the caller doesn't check ref counts.

- TABPolyline::ValidateMapInfoType(): return TAB_GEOM_NONE if numpoints < 2

- Substantial additions to lots of files adding support for efficient
  spatial queries by utilizing the spatial indexes when reading.  NFW.

- TABText should not produce an error if reading a 0-length text.

- Seamless files: when reading on Unix, replace '\\' with '/' in file path
  read from the index table.

- Modified mitab_miffile.cpp to keep track of the feature id of the 
  preloaded text line in m_nPreloadedId instead of m_nCurFeatureId to fix
  serious problems with access through IMapInfo::GetNextFeature() - this
  affects applications using the pure OGRLayer API to access mif files. NFW

- mitab_middatafile.cpp: Use VSIRewind() instead of rewind() to ensure that
  IO remains virtualized.  NFW

- mitab_miffile.cpp: modified to return extents collected by PreParse.  Made
  distinction between extents and projection bounds explicit.  NFW

- mitab_spatialref.cpp: added OGC name for datum 12. 

Version 1.1.2 - (2001-06-24)

- Support reading and writing TEXT objects with strings longer than 512
  bytes.  MITABMAPCoordBlock's Read/WriteBytes() had to be fixed to 
  allow reading/writing data split over more than 2 blocks.

- StyleString fixes: include font name in text style string, and placed
  brush before pen in region style strings.

- C API: added get methods for all pen, brush, font and symbol properties.

- Fixed MIF Text object output: negative text angles were lost.  Also use
  TABText::SetTextAngle() when reading MIF instead of setting class members
  directly so that negative angles get converted to the [0..360] range.

Version 1.1.1 - (2001-05-01)

- Added implementation for OGRLayer::GetExtent() that returns extents 
  of the data, which is differents from the bounds of the projection.

- Added code to set TOWGS84 values for mitab_coordsys.cpp and 


- Fixed serious bug in TABFile::SetSpatialRef() (mitab_spatialref.cpp).  A
  core dump could occur for type 999 and 9999 datums.  Thanks to Stephen
  Cheesman of Geosoft for finding and pointing this out.  (NFW)

- Modified TABINDFile/TABINDNode to support update (i.e. read/write) access
  and created 'tabindex' program to test creation of indexes on existing

- Modified reading of TABRegion to maintain outside/inside ring relationship
  when it's available in the source file.

- Fixed default for BRUSH when brush index=0 in the source file.  It should
  be BRUSH(1,0,16777215) and not BRUSH(2,16777215,16777215).

Version 1.1.0 - (2001-03-08)

- Modified mitab_imapinfofile.cpp so that variable width fields (nWidth=0)
  is translated to 254 characters, instead of 255 so it will actually be
  a legal field width in TAB.  (NFW)

- Make default and max char field with 254 chars in TABFile::AddFieldNative()

- Added a warning (TAB_WarningBoundsOverflow) on close of .MAP file if any 
  object was written with coordinates outside of the file's predefined 
  bounds.  (Causing an overflow of the +/-1e9 integer coord. range)

- Use MI defaults for Pen, Brush, Font, Symbol when creating new objects
  and when reading objects with no Pen, Brush, etc. set (used to just set
  everything to zero which was inconsistent with MI's behavior)
  New defaults are: PEN(1,2,0), BRUSH(2,16777215,16777215), 
  FONT("Arial",0,0,0), SYMBOL(35,0,12)

- Accept "TABLE TYPE LINKED" and handle them the same way as type NATIVE
  i.e. the link to the RDBMS is simply ignored.

- Added support for Swiss Oblique Mercator/Cylindrical. (NFW)

- Expand tabs (NFW)

- Added projection bounds lookup tables, automatically called by
  TABFile::SetProjInfo() (and SetSpatialRef() by the same way).
  TABFile::IsBoundsSet() can be used after setting projection to
  establish if some default bounds were found or not for the projection.

- Fixed IMapInfoFile::CreateFeature(), was leaking feature memory. (NFW)

- Fixed small memory leak in OGRTABDataSource::CreateLayer() (NFW)

- Support SpatialFilter inside IMapInfoFile::GetNextFeature().  
  TAB files should support spatial filter via their spatial index for 
  optimal performance.

- Avoid unnecessary cloning of features in IMapInfoFile::GetNextFeature() and

- Added TABText::Get/SetTextLineEndPoint() and properly read/write label
  line end point in TAB files.

- Fixed writing MIF header: for decimal fields, an extra field of type 
  logical with same name was always added because of a missing break; (Kieron)

- Added support for reading seamless TAB files (TABSeamless class)

- Fixed problem creating new files with mixed case extensions (e.g. ".Tab")

Version 1.0.4 - (2000-11-14)

- Fixed a problem writing indexes - When a new entry was inserted at the 
  beginning of an index node (changing this node's key) then the parent was 
  not properly updated and some records were not queriable through that index.

- Handle '\t' just like a space when parsing mif files.

- Fixed MIFFile::GotoFeature() to avoid calling ResetReading() before moving 

- Fixed writing of drawing tool blocks - when more than 512 bytes worth of
  drawing tool info had to be written, an error was produced instead of
  automatically allocating a new block, resulting in a truncated file.

Version 1.0.3 - (2000-10-19)

- Fixed reading of MAPCoordBlocks to accept text strings that overlap on
  2 data blocks.

- Added graceful recovery from NULL OGRSpatialReference pointers in 
  mitab_capi.cpp, and mitab_spatialref.cpp (NFW).

- Added what I hope to be working support for NonEarth translation 
  (into LOCAL_CS in WKT format) (NFW).

- Initialize m_dWidth to 0 in TABText constructor. (NFW)

- Made TABFile::GetBounds() return bounds corresponding to the +/- 1e9 
  integer coordinate limits instead of using min/max int. coord. from header

Version 1.0.2 - (2000-10-03)

- Avoid warnings building with gcc -Wall -O2 (NFW).

- Modified generation of .MAP spatial index to generate a balanced tree
  instead of the old 'chained list of nodes' that exceeded the 255 levels
  limit on the tree depth with files with > 100,000 objects.
  There would still be room for improvement by implementing splitting of
  object data blocks.

- Handle m_nOriginQuadrant value of 0 the same way as quadrant 3

- Added bDeletedFlag to TABFeature with get/set methods

- Maintain and/or compute values of regions and polyline center/label point
  (Used to always use the center of the MBR and this was not correct)

- Fixes for old Version 100 files:
   - Set valid Scale/displacement when reading V100 .map header.
     Use m_nCoordPrecision to define scale since scale in header is 0.
   - Accept "FORMAT: DBF" in .tab header file.

- Made all open() methods completely case-insensitive on filenames on Unix
  (added TABAdjustCaseSensitiveFilename())

- Added new MapInfo 6.0 datums in datum list.

- Added OGR Feature Style String support when reading

- Added support for writing arcs, ellipses and rectangles using the C API

- Flushed tab2mif.cpp and mif2tab.cpp.  There is now a single tab2tab.cpp 
  conversion program that can generate both TAB or MIF output, depending 
  on output filename extension

- Added #define MITAB_VERSION for apps that want to report library version.

Version 1.0.1 - (2000-04-21)

- Added C API documentation (mitab_capi.cpp) + functions to read vertices
  and field information and included C API in public release.

- Modified fltering of new table field name to accept extended chars with

Version 1.0 - (2000-03-26)

- Changed to use same MIT/X-Consortium license as other CPL + OGR libs.

- Fixed problem opening datasets with 0 features in them.

- Added support for reading TAB datasets with "Table Type DBF"... only 
  type "NATIVE" was supported until now.

- Produce only a warning when unsupported feature types encountered in the 
  .MAP file, and return a valid feature with a NONE geometry.

- Done more tests (and required changes) to fix the way the quadrant
  setting affects the way to read arc angles... hopefully it's right
  this time!

- TABText objects now return their text string with any "\n" escaped on
  2 chars  (i.e. "\"+"n").  TABText::SetText() also expects newlines to
  be escaped in the string it receives.

- Fixed some projection problems, including possible crashes with some
  9999 datums with big parameter values or with some unrecognized projections.

- Outside/inside ring relationship from a TABRegion's OGRPolygon is now
  properly written to the .MAP file's coord block section header.  
  Prior to MapInfo 5.0, this info was ignored, but now it has to be valid 
  otherwise some parts of a region won't be displayed properly in MI5.0

- Added support to write indexed fields and create joined tables (TABView).

- Added validation on field names (no special chars) on write and 
  produce a warning if name had to be fixed.

- Added support for V450 object types with num_points > 32767 and for
  pen width in points.  
  This also resulted in changes to the ITABFeaturePen methods, mainly the 
  Get/SetPenStyle() method has been removed since this style value was 
  actually a part of the point width value.  
  Finally, the 'style' parameter was also removed in the 
  mitab_c_set_pen() C API method.

- Support for Version 450 objects forced creation of version 500 .MAP files
  with 1024 bytes header (.MAP version 400 were produced before).

- MIF format now reads and writes bounds in coordsys (used to ignore them)

Version 0.2 - (1999-12-20)

 - Added TABView class to support views on pairs of .TAB files (read-only)
    - Currently supports only 2 tables with a many-to-1 relation through
      an integer field.

 - Added GetFeatureCountByType() method.  Current implementation does
   not work (returns all zeros) for MIF files

 - Added static ImapInfoFile::SmartOpen() to automatically detect file type,
   open a new file for read and return a new object of the appropriate
   type (TABFile/TABView/MIFFile) to handle it.

 - Changed TABFile::Open(), MIFFile::Open() to use a bTestOpenNoError flag

 - OGRMIDDataSource/OGRMIDDriver were removed.  Now all file types
   handled by MITAB go through the OGRTABDataSource/OGRTABDriver interface

 - Fixed problem reading/writing dates (bytes were reversed)
        Also, Dates are now returned as "YYYYMMDD", and accepted as one
        of "YYYY/MM/DD", "DD/MM/YYYY", or "YYYYMMDD"

 - Fixed TABFile::GetBounds() that could sometimes return Min values > Max

 - Rounded rectangles with radius bigger than MBR: we used to return a
   corrected radius value, but it's now changed to return the real radius
   value (even if it's too big) since this is what MapInfo appears to do
   when exporting from TAB to MIF

 - Fixed some problems that had appeared following a change in OGR's
   addGeometry()... use the new addGeometryDirectly() + more error checking.

 - TABRegions geometry now returned as OGRMultiPolygon instead of OGRPolygon
   with multiple rings.  This change had to be done because OGRPolygons
   MUST have only one outer ring with a set of inner rings, and this
   cannot be guaranteed to be the case with a MapInfo file.
   Also added TABRegion::GetNumRings() and TABRegion::GetRing() to 
   make it simpler to manipulate the complex geometry as if it was a 
   simple collection of rings which is actually what we have in the 
   MapInfo model.

 - Fixed some problems with MIF generation of Float fields and PLINE MULTIPLE

 - Run a bunch of read/write tests for both .TAB and .MIF through Purify...
   fixed all memory leaks found.

Version 0.1 - (1999-12-04)

 - First official pre-release version

 - Still lacks good API docs.

$Id: mitab_history.txt,v 1.1 2003/06/11 21:08:56 fwarnock Exp $

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