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ROSA enjoys a well-deserved retirement after serving thousands of users for several years.

Active development and maintenance of the ROSA Applet has ended with version 1.2.0. This website is maintained here only for reference for those still using ROSA and for the posterity.

ROSA - Mailing List

The ROSA mailing list is the difinitive resource for users and developers to exchange ideas, report problems, ask questions, discuss new features, make suggestions and post links to cool applications that use ROSA. All new contributions and questions will be seen by all the list subscribers, including the owners and maintainers of ROSA.

All discussions are stored in an archive and are fully searchable at any time without a subscription.

Mailing List Subscription

Only users subscribed to the Rosa-Users e-mail list can contribute comments or post questions. To subscribe, visit the subscription page and fill out the requested information.

Submitting Questions and Comments

To contribute to the list or ask questions, simply send them in an e-mail messages to

Please avoid emailing the developers directly about problems and questions, so the rest of the user group can benefit from the discussion. Before posting a question to the list please search the mailing list archive to see if answers to the problem can be found. New users may find this to be a valuable resource, and should feel free to ask questions if they cannot find satisfactory answers in the archive.


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