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ROSA enjoys a well-deserved retirement after serving thousands of users for several years.

Active development and maintenance of the ROSA Applet has ended with version 1.2.0. This website is maintained here only for reference for those still using ROSA and for the posterity.

ROSA Java Applet

Rosa is a Java applet that improves server-side web applications by adding some simple features on the client-side. It was originally designed with Web mapping applications in mind, but is generic enough to be used in any type of application.

The main purpose of the applet is to extend the standard form control:

It displays an image (GIF, JPEG or PNG) on which operations can be performed, these include single clicks, dragging a rectangle, ellipse, or polyline to define an area of interest. It can also have a toolbar and/or floating buttons with various functions attached to them. The information on the user's input will be returned through form parameters that you define.

Rosa is OpenSource, this means that you can use it freely in your own applications, and that you also have access to the source code. Just like with any OpenSource project, we hope that users of the applet will contribute their improvements and report problems/suggestions.

If you can't wait any longer and want to see how this thing works, then you can jump straight to the Applet documentation and list of Parameters.


Latest Version

Version 1.2.0 of the ROSA Applet was released August 19, 2002


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