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OWTChart Generator (Multi-Set Bar Chart)

Set parameters for a sample chart ?

Data Values

 Number of Sets    
 Number of Values
  Set 1 Set 2 Label                           
1.  Value
2.  Value
3.  Value
4.  Value
5.  Value
6.  Value
7.  Value
8.  Value
Colour Choose a colour Choose a colour    

X-Axis (horizontal)

Title   Colour Choose a colour  Font Size
Bar Width *optional (% of interval for 1 bar across X axis, default is 75)

Y-Axis (vertical)

Title   Colour Choose a colour  Font Size
Min Y Value    *optional
Max Y Value   *optional

Chart Presentation

Chart Width  (in pixels)          Chart Height   (in pixels)
Show as 3D bar chart (the default type is 2D)
Show as horizontal bar chart (the default type is vertical)
Pie Line Bar


Chart Generator


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