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MapServer 6.0.0 upgrade package for MS4W 3.x


This will upgrade your MapServer installation to the version 6.0.0 release. Please read the 6.0.0 announcement and the Migration Guide before continuing. PHP MapScript users should also consult the PHP MapScript Migration Guide.

Note that the Oracle plugin will work with this upgrade, but the SDE and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 plugins will not. A full MS4W base package will be released shortly containing MapServer 6.0.0 and all plugins.


After installing ms4w-3.0, extract the 6.0.0 upgrade package at the same root of your existing MS4W installation. You can verify that MapServer was upgraded by executing 'mapserv -v' at the commandline (after executing /ms4w/setenv.bat).

MS4W Changes for the 6.0.0 Release

  • Cairo is now used for PDF and SVG output
  • giflib is added to the build process

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