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Upgrade Package for MS4W 3.x


This will upgrade your MapServer installation to the version 5.6.0 release.

Note that the Oracle plugin will work with this upgrade, but the SDE plugin will not.


After installing ms4w-3.0, extract the 5.6.0 upgrade package at the same root of your existing MS4W installation. You can verify that MapServer was upgraded by executing 'mapserv -v' at the commandline (after executing /ms4w/setenv.bat).

MapServer Change Log

Version 5.6.0 (2009-12-18):

- Fixed potential leak of env. vars through msEvalRegex() (#2941)

- WFS hits count is incorrect if the request contain 2 layers or
  more (#3244)

- Fixed a problem with layer plugin where copyVirtualTable didn't copy
the LayerResultsGetShape function pointer (#3223)

Version 5.6.0-rc1 (2009-11-27):

- Fixed a problem with shape-based queries against projected layers when
  using a tolerance (#3211)

- Fixed long expression evaluation (#2123)

- Added simplfy and topologyPreservingSimplify to MapScript (#2753)

- Fixed Oracle FastCGI memory leak (#3187)

- layer->project flag not being reset properly for drawquerylayer
  (#673 #2079)

- OGC SLD: support multi-polygons geometries for filters embedded in
  an SLD (#3097)

- [WMC] embedded SLD in context does not work with namespace prefix (#3115)

- Support name aliases used in sld text symbolizer (#3114)

- decode html and unicode entities for polygon truetype symbol fills (#3203)

- Parse PropertyName parameter for wfs requests (#675)

- Fixed when saving a map, layer->transform isn't written properly in
  all cases. (#3198)

- Fixed buffer overflow in oracle spatial driver with large sql data (#2694)

- Improve FastCGI include file finding logic (#3200)

Version 5.6.0-beta5 (2009-11-04):

- Apply a minimum width on label outline (new outlines were
  too thin by default)

- Don't apply scalefactor to polygon outline widths (but apply the

- Fix vector symbol size calculation (#2896)

- Applied code clean up patch for mapsearch.c. (#3189)

- Fixed labels centering when the label is longer than the line (#2867)

- Ensure Python MapScript building doesn't reorder the libraries, support
  the 'subprocess' module where available for, and default to
  using the "super" swig invocation described in the Python MapScript
  README when mapscript_wrap.c isn't available on the file system.
  #2663 contains the reordering issue.

- Fixed memory leak with shapefiles associated with one-pass query
  implementation (#3188)

- Fix abs/fabs usage that prevented angle follow labels to be discarded if
  they were too wrapped on themselves

- Allow CGI mapshape and imgshape variables to consume WKT strings (#3185)

- Added support for nautical miles unit (#3173)

- Fixed encoding metadata ignored by a few wcs/wfs 1.1 and
  sos requests (#3182)

- PHP/Mapscript: added "autofollow" and "repeatdistance" in labelObj (#3175)

- Added charset in content-type http header for wms/wfs/sos/wcs
  requests (#2583)

- Python/MapScript: improve compatibility for different swig
  versions (#3180)

- maprasterquery.c: a few fixes since beta4 (#3181, #3168).

- mapows.c: Generate WMS LatLongBoundingBox in WGS84 datum (#2578)

Version 5.6.0-beta4 (2009-10-18):

- Allow processing of single shapefiles with no items
  (e.g. an empty dbf file) (#3147)

- Added resolution scaling for swf, svg, pdf and imagemap drivers (#3157)

- Correct cases where a valid WFS Layer might return errors if
  map extent does not overlap the layer extent (#3139)

- fix problem with 0-length line patterns in AGG

- Fixed problem of text/html WMS GetFeatureInfo which was returning HTML
  image map output instead of the expected text/html template output.
  This was done by changing the imagemap outputformat to use the
  "text/html; driver=imagemap" mime type (#3024)

- more resolution fixes for resolution scaling (symbolscale case) (#3157)

- Make sure layer extents are saved when a mapfile is written (#2969)

- Fixed CurvePolygons from oracle not drawn (#2772)

- Fixed raster queries (broken by RFC 52 changes) (#3166)

- Fixed coordinate projection problem in some cases with WMS GetFeatureInfo
  output in GML2 format (#2989)

- Added resolution scaling of some properties for GD driver (#3157)

- Modified GD functions API to be consistent with all others drivers (#3157)

- OGC Filter: strip all namespaces (not only ogc, gml) (#1350)

- Use decimal values for size and width in SVG output format (#2835)

- Correct invalid test when loading movies in an swf ouput (#2524)

- Return WMS GetCapabilities v1.3.0 by default as required by spec (#3169)

- Fixed mapObj.zoomScale() and mapobj.zoomRectangle() scaling problem in
  Mapscript (#3131)

- Few more fixes for high res output (#3157)

- Allow "DRIVER 'TEMPLATE'" or "DRIVER TEMPLATE" in output formats

- Correct sld generated from mapserver classes (#3133)

- Correct libjpeg v7 compatability issue in old jpeg interface code (#3167)

- Correct FEATURE_COUNT limits on WMS GetFeatureInfo raster queries (#3168)

- Correct SCALE_BUCKETS issue with 16bit raster scaling (#3174)

Version 5.6.0-beta3 (2009-10-07):

- Fixed SDE layer seg fault (#3152)

- Fixed placement of labels using ANGLE AUTO which were not always
  positioned correctly (#3160)

- Enable output of geometry in GML GetFeatureInfo if wms_geometries and
  wms_geom_type are specified (#2989)

- fix URN typo in mapwfs.c for urn:EPSG:geographicCRS:...

- don't apply scalefactor to label outlines (#3157)

- update namespaces and schema pointers (#2872)

- add RFC49 and RFC40 keywords to copy functions (#2865)

- minor fix to correct numberOfResults when maxfeatures is set in
  mapfile (#2907)

- Fixed possible crash with WFS GetFeature when no projection is specified
  at the map level (#3129)

- Fixed anchor point of vertically stacked bar graphs

- Fixed TEXT property that cannot be removed in the CLASS object.
  PHP/Mapscript (#3063)

- Fixed use of minfeaturesize auto with curved labels (#3151)

- Fixed msRemoveHashTable function when 2 keys have the same hash (#3146)

- Fix raster thread deadlock condition on posix/linux (#3145)

- Do not route thread debug output through msDebug which requires locking.

- Fix WCS coverage metadata handling if size/resolution missing (#2683).

- Fix WCS crash with use of datasets that aren't physical files (#2901).

- Fix WCS failure with WCS 1.1 OGC URN (urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC::CRS84) (#3161).

Version 5.6.0-beta2 (2009-10-01):

- Fixed a couple of issues with Oracle Spatial and single pass
  queries (#3069)

- Added layer.resultsGetShape() to PHP MapScript for use with
  queries (#3069)

- Fixed query maps under the new single pass query process (#3069)

- WFS Client seg fault (OGR layer not opened) (#3136)

- Reduce use of sqrt() calls when determining distances (#3134)

- support axis ordering for WFS 1.1 (#2899)

- const changes to avoid warnings with msLoadProjectionString()

- mapgd.c: removed unused drawVectorSymbolGD() function.

- Use namespace URI in XML mapfile
  schema (#3142)

- Fixed issue with PHP_REGEX_INC in mapscript/php3/ (#3078)

Version 5.6.0-beta1 (2009-09-23):

- WMS 1.3.0 expects a CRS parameter instead of SRS (#2979)

- Allow users to set wms getmap and getlegendgraphic image format
  list (#455)

- Fixed MapScript shapeObj->toWkt() segfaults (#2763)

- add vertical bar charts to dynamic charting (#3128)

- Get the intersection points and labels #3101

- Fixed shp2img not to cause a crash when the map couldn't be loaded

- Fix problem with overflowing shape->index for (most) query
  modes (#2850)

- Useful error message when PK is missing and data is subselect (#3124)

- Add WMS root Layer metadata support (#3121)

- Fixed build problem of PHP/Mapscript when php is compiled with gd as
  a shared extension (#3117)

- Improve safety of srcx/y checks in nearest neighbour raster
  resampler (#3120)

- Added support for 4d geometry types and oci bind variables for
  Oracle (#3107)

- Implement SECTION support for the WCS 1.1 GetCapabilities
  request (#3105)

- Fixed WCS processing when both crs and response_crs are
  specified (#3083)

- Fixed msFreeMap causing memory corruption in
  msFreeOutputFormat (#3113)

- Fix WMC XML output when Dimension is used (#3110)

- Enable LOAD_WHOLE_IMAGE processing option by default when rendering
  WMS client layer images (#3111).

- add default values for CGI %key% substitutions (#3108)

- fix clipping of polygon shapes in line layers (#3059)

- RFC 51 implementation: XML Mapfiles Format (#2872)

- Fix output for valid WCS 1.1 XML (#3086)

- Avoid double free with postgresql joins. (#2936)

- Don't attempt to project layers given in pixel coordinates
  (layer->transform != MS_TRUE) (#3096)

- Modify loading imagery from GDAL to load all bands at once to avoid
  multiple passes through pixel interleaved data (mapdrawgdal.c).  This
  is just an optimization - there should be no change in results or

- Modern GDALs clear the config when destroying driver manager.
  Skip this call to avoid TLS leakage on cleanup (mapgdal.c).

- Fixed msMSSQL2008LayerGetShape to retrieve proper wkb
  geometries (#3082)

- Fixed the shape index for the inline layers (#3074)

- Fixed MINDISTANCE not considering label size on lines (#3050)

- Labeling enhancements: ability to repeat labels along a
  line/multiline (#3030)

- Modified STYLEITEM code to use the new way of rendering thick
  lines (#3025)

- Fixed template processor to respect layer order. (#2619)

- Add MS_DEBUGLEVEL and MS_ERRORFILE commandline switches for mapserv.c.

- Exposed msMapOffsetExtent, msMapScaleExtent and msMapSetCenter methods
  in PHP/Mapscript (#2460)

- Removed ZEND_DEBUG define in PHP/Mapscript (#2717)

- Fixed PHP/Mapscript to support PHP 5.3 (#3065, #3066)

- remove -O optimization flags to configure script if configured
  with --enable-debug

- Fixed performance bottleneck when computing a polygon center of
  gravity for label point computation. (#3053)

- make WFS numberOfFeatures match maxFeatures if passed (#2907)

- Add logging in layer visibility tests to help users find why layers
  don't draw (#3054)

- include PNG libs first (#3046)

- merge graphics branch: RFC54 implementation, cairo rendering
  (png, svg, pdf), opengl rendering (non functionnal yet)

- Do pre-emptive test for map.extent/layer.extent interaction (#3043)

- Add centroid geomtransform (#2825)

- Test database connections before using them (#2932)

- Support non-numeric join criteria (#2006)

- Ensure there's enough room in the SQL to hold a long (#1284)

- Fix filter error in multi-clause filters (#2937)

- Fix agg freetype character lookup when no unicode charmap is
  present (#3018)

- Fix memory leak in SQL building (#2997)

- Fork AGG rendering library in our trunk

- Fixed a memory leak when unescaping quotes in	logical	expressions (#2938)

- Fixed template code for item, shpxy and extent tags to properly
  initialize tag arguments in cases where there are mutiple tags in
  one chunk of template (#2990)

- Fix mapogcfilter.c not to cause syntax error if PROJ.4 is not compiled
  in (#2987)

- Rework Python MapScript's to be more like Python's to fix
  a number of issues including (#2637) and to use mapserver-config
  and ditch the old mapscriptvars approach

- Prevent from changing the connection type to MS_RASTER when
  setConnectionType(MS_WMS) is used (#2908)

- Improve rounding logic for computing the src_xoff/yoff (#2976)

- Fix filename path processing for raster queries and WCS get coverage so
  that non-filesystem filenames are not altered (#2901)

- Improved security relative to untrusted directories and mapfiles (RFC 56)

- Fixed several security issues found in an audit of the CGI
  application (#2939, #2941, #2942, #2943, #2944)

- setConnectionType(MS_WMS) doesn't work with mapscript (#2908)

- Perl Mapscript: improvement of imageObj wrapper (#2962)

- Improve control of output resolution (RFC 55, #2948)

- mapraster.c: use GDALOpenShared(), and CLOSE_CONNECTION=DEFERRED (#2815)

- AGG font outline method change (#1243)

- Change mapbit.c bitmask type from char to new 32bit ms_bitarray (#2930)

- Added resolution writing in image files (#2891)

- Try to save resolution values to GeoTIFF via GDAL (#2891)

- Refactor legend icon drawing (remove renderer specific versions)
  Add label styling or markers for annotation layer legend icons (#2917)

- Update EXTENT warning message (#2914)

- add support for SRSNAME parameter (#2899)

- add support for resultType (#2907)

- WFS 1.1.0 should use OWS Common 1.0.0 (#2925)

- clean up GEOS init and cleanup functions (#2929)

- add support for disabling SLD (#1395)

- fix to output gml:boundedBy again (#2907)

- fix warning for change in bitmask type (#2930)

- fix time advertising in WMS 1.3.0 (#2935)

- fix SOS blockSeparator output (#3014)

- fix MIME type support (#3020)


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