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Upgrade Package for MS4W 2.x


This will upgrade your MapServer installation to the version 5.2.2 release.

Note that the Oracle10g plugin will work with this upgrade, but the SDE plugin will not.


After installing ms4w-2.3.1, extract the 5.2.2 upgrade package at the same root of your existing MS4W installation. You can verify that MapServer was upgraded by executing 'mapserv -v' at the commandline (after executing /ms4w/setenv.bat).

MapServer Change Log

Version 5.2.2 (2009-03-26):

- Improved security relative to untrusted directories and mapfiles (RFC 56)

- Fixed several security issues found in an audit of the CGI application
  (#2939, #2941, #2942, #2943, #2944)

- Fixed Java MapScript WIN64 builds (#2250)

- Adding -DUSE_GENERIC_MS_NINT to the WIN64 MapScript builds (#2250)

- Fixed the compiler options for MSVC 2008 (#2898)

- Fixed the c# compiler options for MSVC 2008 (#2910)

- Fixed memory leaks when using msUpdate*FromString methods. (#2857)

- Fixed endianness issues with wide character strings for ArcSDE (#2878).
  Thanks Russell McOrmond

- Fixed WMS request with LAYERS parameter: may cause segmentation fault

- fix when layer status = DEFAULT and passing list of layers (#2066)

- Fixed Blobs not filtered in OracleSpatial Attribute/WFS queries (#2829)

- Add USE_MSSQL2008_PLUGIN to the MSSQL 2008 compile options (#2823)

- Add support to compile mssql2008 when SDE or ORACLE is not compiled

- mapagg.cpp: fix center of rotation for truetype marker symbols (#2848)

- mapowscommon.c: output version string correctly (#2821)

- mapwmslayer.c: Correct half pixel error in WMS layer's BBOX request to
  remote WMS (#2843)

Version 5.2.1 (2008-12-01):

- Exposed PIXELS value via URL configuration

- Add Support for SLD TextSymbolizer HALO and ANGLE (#2806)

- Fix crash when an invalid bbox filter is used (#2805)

- raster query fix for tileindex with relative paths (#2722)

- Fix for the access violation caused by msMSSQL2008LayerGetShape (#2795)

- Fixed msMSSQL2008LayerGetItems to retrieve the column names properly

- Prevent from calling msMSSQL2008CloseConnection from
  msMSSQL2008LayerClose causing memory corruption issues (#2790)

- fix some integer rounding errors in the agg line offseter (#2659)

- fix a bug with shapes with duplicate end points. was causing NaNs
  in the angle follow placement code (#2695)

- memory leak in msInsertLayer, from Ned Horning (#2784)

- legend keyimage resampling with agg (#2715)

- tileindexed rasters when DATA is manipulated via mapscript work (#2783)

- PHP: add priority attribute to the label object (#2782)

- Fixed bug when QUERYMAP hilite color is set and the shape's color in a
  layer is from a data source (#2769)

- PHP paste image should also work with AGG (#2682)

- Correct allocation error in mapmssql2008.c (#2768)

- Removed comma to correct WCS 1.1 Coverages formatting in payload
  directory. (#2764)

- Correct bug when LABEL_NO_CLIP in combination with minfeaturesize

- Fix a label size computation for AGG bug when scalefactor is used

- Got rid of misleading errors about OWS SERVICE not being compiled in
  when a OWS request is sent that includes mode=map (or other mode value
  different from ows)(#2747)

- Fixed a memory leak associated with not deleting the lexer buffer
  before parsing certain types of strings. (#2729)

- Masking the out-of-range characters to avoid the crash
  in the AGG renderer (#2739)

- AGG: fix pixmap symbols not drawing if no color was specified (#2736)

- Accept WMS requests in which the optional SERVICE param is missing.
  A new test was incorrectly added in 5.2.0 that resulted in the error
  "Incomplete WFS request: SERVICE parameter missing" when the SERVICE
  parameter was missing in WMS requests in which the SERVICE param is
  optional (#2737)

- SLD: when creating well known symbols on the fly the pen-up value
  used should be -99.

- Support reading projection parameter for OFC filters (#2712)

- Stop configure execution with an error if path to one of the -config
  scripts is invalid (#2710)

- Fixed the configure script: failed to detect php5 on ubuntu. (#2365)

Version 5.2.0 (2008-07-16):

- mapfile.c: Fixed a bug that prevented using named symbols via
  URL configuration. (#2700)

Version 5.2.0-rc1 (2008-07-09):

- mapowscommon.c: fix support multiple namespaces (#2690)

- Fix OGC simple filters on SDE layers (#2685)

- wfs11 getcapabilities: correct memory corruption (#2686)

- Allow building against Curl 7.10.6 and older which lack
  CURLOPT_PROXYAUTH option required for *_proxy_auth_type metadata (#571)

- Avoid fatal error when creating new ShapeFileObj with MapScript (#2674)

- Fixed problem with WMS INIMAGE exceptions vs AGG output formats (#2438)

- mapshape.c: Fixed integer pointer math being applied to uchars (#2667)

- Fixed seg fault with saveImage() in PHP MapScript due to #2673 (#2677)

- Fixed configure error related to new fribidi2 pkg-config
  support (#2664)

- Fixed windows build problem (#2676)

- Fix raster query bounds problem (#2679)

Version 5.2.0-beta4 (2008-07-02):

- Added support in configure script for pkg-config for fribidi2 (#2664)

- Added more debug/tuning output to mapserv and shp2img at debug
  level 2 (#2673)

- maptemplate.c: removed extra line feeds from mime header
  output. (#2672)

- mapresample.c: fix for bug 2540 when using raster resampling and AGG.

- mapsde.c: Check at compile time that we have SE_connection_test_server,
  which appears to only be available for ArcSDE 9+ (#2665).

- mapshape.c: restore old behavior of tiled shapes relative to shapepath
  with new behavior for when shapepath is undefined (#2369)

- maputil.c: fix a bug for offset lines with agg, when the first segment
  was horizontal (#2659)

- mapraster.c: fix for tiled rasters with relative shape paths defined,
  from dfurhy (#2369)

- maptemplate.c: fixed a problem with extent tags with _esc extension not
  working (#2666)

Version 5.2.0-beta3 (2008-06-26):

- mapsde.c: processing option added to allow using fully qualified names
  for attributes (#2423).

- mapsde.c: Test that for an active connection before closing it #2498

- mapdraw.c: Fixed issue where path following lines were not being drawn
  if FORCEd. (#2600)

- mapshape.c: Applied patch to make the location of tiled data
  relative to the tileindex directory if SHAPEPATH is not set. (#2369)

- maptemplate.c: Fixed issues in RFC 36 implementation that
  prevented mapscript mapObj->processQueryTemplate() method from working.

- WMS/WFS: extend warning message (#1396)

- WFS: Respect units for the DWhitin parameter (#2297)

- WFS: correct OGC Contains filter  (#2306)

- WMS: set srsName correctly for GetFeatureInfo (#2502)

- SOS: detect invalid time strings (#2560)

- SOS: more srsName support (#2558)

- mapserv.c, maptemplate.c: fixed problem with arguments to
  msGenerateImages(). (#2655)

- WMS: produce warning if layer extent is null (#1396)

- WFS: project LatLongBoundingBox if required (#2579)

- SOS: generate error for some invalid filters (#2604)

- SLD: Use style's width paramater when generating sld (#1192)

Version 5.2.0-beta2 (2008-06-18):

- mapogcsos.c: support invalid procedure in GetObservation (#2561)

- Fixed possible buffer overrun with Oracle Spatial driver (#2572)

- mapogcsos.c: support srsName in GetObservation (#2414)

- Filter Encoding: Modify DWithin definition (#2564)

- Added webObj legendformat and browseformat mapping in
  PHP MapScript (#2309)

- Removed static buffer size limit in msIO_*printf() functions (#2214)

- Fixed libiconv detection in configure for OSX 10.5 64 bit (#2396)

- mapstring.c: possible buffer overflow in msGetPath (#2649)

- maputil.c: Correct expression evaluation with text containing
  apostrophes (#2641)

- mapwfs.c: Possibly generate an error message when applying filter
  encoding (#2444)

- Added MS_LABEL_BINDING constants for SWIG MapScript (#2643)

- mapogcsos.c: fix POST support (#2379)

- maplibxml2.c: helper functions XML POST fix (#2379)

- mapwfs.c: fix segfault when srsName is not passed on
  BBOX Filter (#2644)

- mapwfs.c: do not return error for empty query results (#2444)

- Remove C++-style comments and most other warnings thrown by
  -pedantic (#2598)

- mapwfs.c/mapwfs11.c: set GML MIME type correctly

- mapogcsos.c: advertise supported SRS list via
  MAP.WEB.METADATA.sos_srs (#2414)

- mapwfs.c: set layer extent to map extent for default
  GetFeature requests with no spatial predicates (#1287)

Version 5.2.0-beta1 (2008-06-11):

- WMS/WFS layers can now specify a proxy servert (#571)

- mapwmslayer.c: set QUERY_LAYERS correctly (#2001)

- mapwcs.c: handle PARAMETER values correctly (#2509)

- SOS: fix various memory leaks (#2412)

- mapwcs.c: advertise temporal support in GetCapabilities (#2487)

- Fixed flaw in findTag() in maptemplate.c that prevented multiple tags
  on the same line being processed under certain conditions. (#2633)

- Return results even when extents are missing (#2420)

- Avoid displaying OGR connection strings in error messages (#2629)

- WCS: respect wcs_name metadata for GetCoverage and DescribeCoverage
  requests (#2036)

- CGI: added -nh option to allow for the suppression of content
  headers from the command line (#2594)

- PostGIS: fix postgis idle-in-transaction problem (#2626)

- AGG: enable ellipse symbol rotation for POINT/ANNOTATION
  layers (#2617)

- RFC36: add more extensions to support templates (#2576)

- AGG: allow dashed hatch symbols (#2614)

- AGG: enable offset lines of type x -99 (#2588)

- AGG: use an agg specific label size calculation function where
  possible (#2357)

- mapogcsld.c: fetch TextSymbolizer/Label/ogc:PropertyName
  correctly (#2611)

- Don't ignore .qix file when DATA reference includes .shp
  extension (#590)

- CGI able to alter layers with space and underscores (#2516)

- WFS Multipoint query with PostGIS bug fixed (#2443)

- Tiling API (RFC 43) mode=tile, tilemode=spheremerc, tile=x y
  zoom (#2581)

- Remove C++-style comments and most other warnings thrown by
  -pedantic (#2598)

- Fix PostGIS transaction behavior in fcgi situations (#2497, #2613)

- Improve performance for large shape files (#2282)

- encode WMS parameters correctly (#1296)

- Added alignment option within a scalebar (#2468)

- RFC-42 HTTP Cookie Forwarding (#2566)

- Fixed handling of encrypted connection strings in postgis
  driver (#2563)

- mapagg.cpp: AGG: add opacity at the style level (#1155)

- mapwms.c: add Cache-Control max-age HTTP header support (#2551)

- mapogcsos.c: support URI encoded procedures correctly (#2547)

- Added support for EMPTY template with WMS GetFeatureInfo (#546)

- Throw an exception if the WCS request does not overlap
  layer (#2503)

- Acquire TLOCK_PROJ for pj_transform() calls (#2533).

- Fixed problem with large imagemaps generating no output (#2526)

- mapwms.c: make version optional for GetCapabilities again (#2528)

- support URN scheme for components of observed property
  elements (#2522)

- Fixed gdImagePtr gdPImg memory leak in msSaveImageBufferGD() (#2525)

- mapogcsos.c: handle invalid POST requests (#2521)

- mapogcsos.c: handle ACCEPTVERSIONS parameter (#2515)

- mapwcs.c/mapwcs11.c: s/neighbour/neighbor/g (#2518)

- mapwms.c: relax FORMAT parameter restrictions for
  GetFeatureInfo (#2517)

- mapwcs.c: support COVERAGE lists for DescribeCoverage (#2508)

- mapwcs.c: fix lonLatEnvelope/@srsName (#2507)

- mapwcs.c: omit VendorSpecificCapabilities (#2506)

- mapwcs.c: test for either resx/resy OR width/height (#2505)

- mapwcs.c: make GetCoverage demand one of TIME or BBOX (#2504)

- mapwms.c: make GetLegendGraphic listen to TRANSPARENT in

- OWS: support updatesequence (#2384)

- mapwms.c: test VERSION after service=WMS (#2475)

- OWS: output Capabilities XML updateSequence if set (#2384)

- mapwcs.c: better handling of REQUEST parameter (#2490)

- mapwcs.c: point to correct exception schema (#2481)

- mapows.c: add version negotiation (#996)

- mapwfs.c: return default GML2 when invalid OUTPUTFORMAT
  passed (#2479)

- mapowscommon.c: add OWS Common style version negotiation (#996)

- mapwcs.c: better section parameter handling for CITE (#2485)

- mapwfs.c: point to the correct schema for exceptions (#2480)

- shp2img.c/shp2pdf.c: clean up usage text, check for
  invalid layers (#2066)

- completed implementation of RFC24 (#2442, #2032)

- mapwcs.c: require VERSION parameter for DescribeCoverage and
  GetCoverage (#2473)

- mapwcs.c: change error token to MS_WCSERR instead of
  MS_WMSERR (#2474)

- mapwcs.c: set exception MIME type to application/vnd.ogc.se_xml
  for 1.0.0 (#2470)

- mapwcs.c: Generate a decently formatted exception if an WCS XML
  POST request is received (#2476).

- mapowscommon.c: support OWS Common 1.1.0 as well (#2071)

- mapogcsos.c: support SOS 1.0.0 (#2246)

- Implement mapObj.setCenter, mapObj.offsetExtent, mapObj.scaleExtent,
  rectObj.getCenter at the SWIG API (#2346)

- mapogcfilter.c: use USE_LIBXML2 in ifdefs (#2416)

- clean up naming conventions of Shapefile API (#599)

- use msComputeBounds() instead, since it's already in the
  codebase (#2087)

- set shapeObj bounds from WKT (#2087)

- fixed issue where path following labels sometimes used the supplied
setting for position. In all cases with ANGLE FOLLOW we want to force
position MS_CC regardless of what is set in the mapfile.

- enforce (-99 -99) to be the penup value for vector symbols (#1036)

- Support for labeling features (polygon & line) prior to clipping. This
results in stable label positions regardless of map extent. (#2447)

- Support for quantization and forced palette png output with RGBA images

- SLD using a single BBOX filter should generate an SQL ststement for
  oracle/postgis/ogr (#2450)

- Accurate Calculation of legend size for WMS LegendURL (#2435)

- Converted mapogr.cpp to use OGR C API instead of C++ classes to allow
  GDAL/OGR updates without having to recompile MapServer (#545, #697)

- add missing space on dashed polygon outlines with svg (#2429)

- Restored behavior of MS 4.10 and made WMS STYLES parameter optional
  again in GetMap and GetFeatureInfo requests (#2427)

- Speed up forced palette rendering (#2422)

- WMS GetFeatureInfo: honour FEATURE_COUNT for any INFO_FORMAT and
  apply the FEATURE_COUNT per layer instead of globally (#2423, #1686)

- enable soft outlines on truetype labels. This is triggered with a new
  keyword OUTLINEWIDTH for the LABEL block (#2417)

- fix clipping rectangle to take width as well as size into
  account (#2411)

- AGG: added and use a line and polygon adaptor to avoid copying shapeObj
  points to an agg path_storage. avoids a few mallocs and a few copies.

- fixed symbolsetObj not to set the SWIG immutable flag permanently
  don't expose refcount and the symbol attributes (Ticket #2407)

- fix for support of entity encoded text in angle follow text (#2403)

- AGG: initial support for native computation of label sizes (#2357)

- AGG: support text symbols specified by their character number (#2398)

- AGG: fix angle orientation for various symbols

- allow scientific notation for attributes binded to an int (#2394)

- merge GD and AGG label cache drawing functions (#2390)

- Enable AGG rendering of bitmap font labels instead of falling back to
  GD (#2387)

- clean up treatment of encoding and wrap caracter

- Fix legend label placement for multiline labels (#2382)

- enforce WRAP parameter in legend label (#2382)

- AGG: pixel level simplification for line and polygon shapes (#2381)

- fixed blue/green color swapping for space delimited strings bound to an
  attribute. (bug 2378)

- don't remove points that are checked as being colinear (#2366)

- add initial(?) support for reading a pie chart's size from an
  attribute (#2136)

- don't bail out in map parsing if the outputformat had to be modified
  (bug #2321)

- use a renderer agnostic legend icon drawing function which switches
  to the GD or AGG specific one depending on the outputformat (#2348)

- AGG: switch alpha buffer when drawing query layer

- Fixed legend icons not drawing when using maxscaledenom

- AGG: fix embedded scalebar rendering when using postlabelcache (#2327)

- AGG: allow for fast and aliased rendering of simple lines and polygons
  thick lines and patterns (i.e. dashes)aren't supported.
  this is triggered when the symbol is of TYPE SYMBOL *and* its ANTIALIAS
  is off (wating to find a better solution to trigger this).

- AGG: the pixmap of pixmap symbols is now cached in an agg-compatible
  state the first time it is accessed. this avoids rereading and
  retransforming it each time that symbol is used.

- AGG: the imageObj now stores in what state it's alpha channel is in.
  The number ofmsAlphaGD2AGG/AGG2GD calls is now reduced, but most
  importantly each of these calls is usually just a check for this
  state and does no computation.

- AGG: fixed a few artifacts in embedded legend rendering on rgba images.

- Fixed modulus operator in the parser (#2323)

- maprasterquery.c: Fix crash when queryies on done on raster layers with
  no styles (#2343)

- maprasterquery.c: Modify msRASTERLayerOpen() to create a defaulted
  raster layer info if there isn't one, to avoid the errors about open
  only being supported after a query.  Also wipe the raster layer info
  in case of an empty result set, or failures of a query to reduce
  likelyhood of leaking the raster layer info.

- Improve out of memory handling in mapdrawgdal.c, and mapgd.c. (#2351)

- Improve configuration logic for fastcgi (#2355).

- WMS: image/wbmp should be image/vnd.wap.wbmp (#2360)

- SOS: support maxfeatures for GetObservation requests (#2353)

- mapdraw.c,mapquery.c: Reset layer->project flag for each full
  layer drawing or query so that need to reproject will be
  reconsidered (#673).

- PHP MapScript: fix for getStdoutBufferString() and
  getStdoutBufferBytes() functions on win32 (#2401)

- mapowscommon.c: fix namespace leak issues (#2375)

- mapogcsos.c: add SWE DataBlock support (#2248)

- mapogcsos.c: fix build warnings, namespace and schema pointers (#2248)

- mappdf.c: support output in fastcgi case via msIO_fwrite() (#2406)

- mapogcsos.c: Initial support for POST requests (#2379) and updated
  msSOSDispatch() handling

- mapogr.cpp: Use pooling api to ensure per-thread sharing of connections
  only (#2408)

- mapogcsos.c: change substituted variable from sensorid to
  procedure (#2409)

- maplibxml2.c: Initial implementation of libxml2 convenience functions

- configure: Modified so libxml2 support is requested for WCS and SOS,
  and is indicated by USE_LIBXML2 definition.  Use @ALL_ENABLED@ in
  DEFINEs and mapscriptvars generation.

- mapresample.c: Fixed support for multi-band data in RAW mode for
  bilinear and nearest neighbour resamplers (#2364).

- mapdraw.c: Improve error reporting if a raster layer requested in
  a query map (#1842).

- mapfile.c: add simple urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC::CRS84 support.


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