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Upgrade Package for MS4W 2.x


This will upgrade your MapServer installation to the version 5.4.0 RC2 release.

Note that the Oracle10g plugin will work with this upgrade, but the SDE plugin will not.


After installing ms4w-2.3.1, extract the 5.4.0-rc2 upgrade package at the same root of your existing MS4W installation. You can verify that MapServer was upgraded by executing 'mapserv -v' at the commandline (after executing /ms4w/setenv.bat).

MapServer Change Log

Version 5.4.0-rc2 (2009-04-15):

- Prevent from changing the connection type to MS_RASTER when
  setConnectionType(MS_WMS) is used (#2908)

- Fixed ANGLE FOLLOW code to return a "font not found" error when a TTF file
  is not found instead of silently producing a map with no label (#2974)

Version 5.4.0-rc1 (2009-04-08):

- SWF: test missing when creating EllipseButtons (#2966)

- clean up GEOS init and cleanup functions (#2929)

- Fixed writing of VALIDATION block in msSaveMap() (#2970)

Version 5.4.0-beta4 (2009-04-01):

- Made sure computation of default symbol size is consistent will older
  versions (#2963)

- Improved security relative to untrusted directories and mapfiles (RFC 56)

- Fixed several security issues found in an audit of the CGI application
  (#2939, #2941, #2942, #2943, #2944)

- setConnectionType(MS_WMS) doesn't work with mapscript (#2908)

- Properly reset filter/filteritem when queryByAttribute() fails (#2808)

- WMS GetImage and GetLegendGraphic formats should advertise AGG
  driver (#2957)

- PHP: add missing binding constant (#2949)

- SLD: Correct non validating SLD (#2915)

- Fixed problem with mode=nquery on connectiontype WFS layers (#2885)

Version 5.4.0-beta3 (2009-03-05):

- SLD: Correct crash with large class names (#2915)

- Added Java MapScript WIN64 support (#2250)

- Fixed a problem with long running processes, embedded scalebars/legends
  and AGG. (#2887)

- Applied patch to deal with a couple of WCS issues (time ranges, #2487) and
  PostGIS tileindex-based time filters (#1856)

- Adding -DUSE_GENERIC_MS_NINT to the WIN64 MapScript builds (#2250)

- Fixed C# the compiler options for MSVC 2008 (#2910)

- Fix build problem with mapogcsld.c when OWS services are not available

- Fix build on windows (maputil.c)

- fix time advertising in WMS 1.3.0 (#2935)

Version 5.4.0-beta2 (2009-02-25):

- Fixed a problem where default shade symbols (solid fill, no size) were
  being scaled and not rendered as expected (related to #2896 I believe)

- Fixed a problem with offset polylines (AGG only) (#2868)

- Generate SLD version 1.1.0 (#473)

- Tracking original geometry type so we can make better decisions on what
  positions to use with POSITION AUTO and annotation layers. (#2770)

- Setting up the same size units between the OGR auto-style and the
  OGR label attribute binding option (#2900)

- Take better care of the extra items with the inline layers to
  prevent from memory corruption (#2870)

- Fixed the compiler options for MSVC 2008 (#2898)

Version 5.4.0-beta1 (2009-02-18):

- restored much of the pre-5.0 capabilities to update a mapfile via URL
  but in more secure manner (RFC44)

- WMS 1.3.0 support added (#473)

- OWS GetCapabilities should skip layers with status == MS_DELETE (#2582)

- Set the default symbol size to 1 instead of 0 (#2896)

- fix WMS LegendURL to print sld_version for 1.3.0 Capabilities (#473)

- add GetSchemaExtension to WMS to support GetStyles in Capabilities XML

- move xlink declaration to root of WMS 1.3.0 DescribeLayerResponse

- Fixed a scalebar rounding problem causing to draw zero scalebar width

- SLD: if it conatins a Filer Encoding tag, try to always set the
  layer's FILTER element (#2889)

- Add support for rendering INLINE layers with layer attributes (items)

- Fix mapserver crash when rendering a query map in HILITE mode
  and there are is no STYLE defined (#2803)

- Added projection support to [...ext] tags for template output.

- Removed the error generation when the OGR layer contains no fields

- Added enhancements to mapogr.cpp for style annotations (#2879)

- Fixed memory leaks when using msUpdate*FromString methods. (#2857)

- Fixed the problem when removing the attribute binding in mapscript.

- SOS XML validity fixes (#2646)

- add WFS calls for schema resolution (#2646)

- add gml:id to om:Observation (#2646)

- fix some XML validity issues (#2646)

- Fixed endianness issues with wide character strings for ArcSDE (#2878).
  Thanks Russell McOrmond

- Fixed WMS request with LAYERS parameter: may cause segmentation fault

- fix when layer status = DEFAULT and passing list of layers (#2066)

- Fixed msAddLabel may cause access violation in certain conditions

- Changed base type of labelObj size, minsize and maxsize from int to
  double (#2766)

- add support for WMS Server title in LAYER object (#885)

- Fixed build problem using --with-gd=static and freetype (#2697)

- RFC49 implementation (#2865)

- Fixed Blobs not filtered in OracleSpatial Attribute/WFS queries (#2829)

- Fixed memory leak of map::setProjection in PHP/MapScript (#2861)

- Fixed "internal PHP GC memory leaks" in PHP/MapScript (#2767)

- Fixed bug with wms layer group hierarchy (#2810)

- Added updateFromString() methods for several objects in
  PHP/Mapscript (#2298)

- Added ms_newMapObjFromString mapObj constructor in PHP/Mapscript (#2399)

- Add support to compile mssql2008 when SDE or ORACLE is not compiled

- Add support for creating debug builds for the plugins on Windows

- Correct half pixel error in WMS layer's BBOX request to remote WMS (#2843)

- Expose Map/Layer's Projection objects in PHP/MapScript (#2845)

- Added getUnits() methods to projectionObj in Mapscript (#2798)

- Improved Tag parsing in template code. (#2781)

- Added hashtable object and metadata methods for php-mapscript (#2773)

- mappostgis.c: Fix trailing spaces in fixed varchar fields (#2817)

- RFC48 implementation: GEOMTRANSFORM on styleObj (#2825)

- mapwms.c: cleanup warnings with recent gcc versions (#2822)

- mapogcsos.c: Cleanup warning and error messages

- mapagg.cpp: Fix center of rotation for truetype marker symbols

- mapowscommon.c: use msLibXml2GenerateList to generate listed XML elements

- mapowscommon.c: output version string correctly (#2821)

- Added removeLayer function to mapObj in PHP/MapScript. (#762)

- Exposed PIXELS value via URL configuration

- Add Support for SLD TextSymbolizer HALO and ANGLE (#2806)

- IGNORE_MISSING_DATA: largely replaced by run-time CONFIG property,
  ON_MISSING_DATA, which supports three modes: FAIL, LOG, and IGNORE.
  (#2785) ms-rfc-47.txt

- mapstring.c: msStringTrim(*char str), front-and-back whitespace trimmer

- mappostgis.c: re-write to remove binary cursors and break up
  logic into smaller parts, add support for maxfeatures

- mapogcfilter.c: increase array size (code was assigning to out
  of bounds subscript)

- MapScript: Added getBinding method to label and style object (#2670)

- mapowscommon.c: use strcasecmp to check for language value

- raster query fix for tileindex with relative paths (#2722)

- Fixed msOGRGetValues function to return default values if the object
  type is not TEXT. (#2311)

- Fix for the access violation caused by msMSSQL2008LayerGetShape (#2795)

- Fixed msMSSQL2008LayerGetItems to retrieve the column names
  properly (#2791)

- Prevent from calling msMSSQL2008CloseConnection from msMSSQL2008LayerClose
  causing memory corruption issues (#2790)

- new polygon label placement algorithm (#2793)

- stop drawing an artificial outline around polygons to ensure
  continuity - users needing this feature will have to explicitely
  add an outlinecolor of the same color as the fill color

- added formatoption QUANTIZE_NEW to force going through the pngquant
  quantization algorithm instead of the GD one for imagemode RGB (the
  GD one can be kind of buggy)

- fix some integer rounding errors in the agg line offseter (#2659)

- fix a bug with shapes with duplicate end points. was causing nans
  in the angle follow placement code (#2695)

- refactor msGetLabelSizeEx (now merged with msGetLabelSize) (#2390)

- native label size computation for AGG when using angle follow (#2357)

- memory leak in msInsertLayer, from Ned Harding (#2784)

- label size computation refactoring (#2390)

- don't draw label background if we're using angle follow. (#2726)

- legend keyimage resampling with agg (#2715)

- tileindexed rasters when DATA is manipulated via mapscript work (#2783)

- styleObj width now supports attribute binding

- RFC40 implementation: label text wrapping and alignment (#2383)

- baseline adjustment for multiline labels (#1449)

- Added support to access to the labelObj OUTLINEWIDTH property in

- PHP paste image should also work with AGG (#2682)

- Fixed bug when QUERYMAP hilite color is set and the shape's color in a
  layer is from a data source (#2769)

- Decoupled AUTO label placement from the positions enum in mapserver.h.
  Added explicit case for POLYGON layers where CC is the default and then
  we try UC, LC, CL and CR. (#2770)

- Changed base type of styleObj size and width from int to double (#2766)

- Correct allocation error in mapmssql2008.c

- Add possibility  to use a full resolution setting for svg output (#1706)

- Fixed GetFeature through tileindex bug: the tileindex of the shape found
  wasn't set properly in the resultcache object. (#2359)

- Removed comma to correct WCS 1.1 Coverages formatting in payload
  directory. (#2764)

- Correct bug when LABEL_NO_CLIP in combination with minfeaturesize (#2758)

- Fix a label size computation for AGG bug when scalefactor is used (#2756)

- various SOS updates for CITE compliance (#2646)

- Added support for static linking with the lib gd in configure
  script (#2696)

- Support OpenLayer's ol:opacity extension to OGC Web Map Context docs

- Added MS_VERSION_NUM for use with #if statements in code based on
  libmapserver (#2750)

- Fixed the configure script: failed to detect php5 on ubuntu. (#2365)

- Fixed a memory leak associated with not deleting the lexer buffer
  before parsing certain types of strings. (#2729)

- Added legend graphics for layer of type annotation
  for the AGG and GD renderer (#1523)

- Masking the out-of-range characters to avoid the crash
  in the AGG renderer (#2739)

- Accept WMS requests in which the optional SERVICE parameter is missing.
  A new test was incorrectly added in 5.2.0 that resulted in the error
  "Incomplete WFS request: SERVICE parameter missing" when the SERVICE
  parameter was missing in WMS requests in which the SERVICE parameter is
  optional (#2737)

- Support for the MapInfo style zoom layering option (#2738)

- Implement Equals and GetHashCode properly for the mapscript C# classes

- Expose msConnectLayer to the SWIG mapscript interface with a new
  layerObj.setConnectionType() method that should be used instead of
  setting the layerObj.connectiontype directly (#2735)

- SLD: when creating well known symbols on the fly the pen-up value
  used should be -99.

- SWF: Button names reflects the layer id and shape id (#2691)

- Support reading projection parameter for OGC filters (#2712)

- Several enhancements to STYLEITEM AUTO support for labels (#2708) and
  TTF symbols (#2721) in OGR layers

- Expose special attributes OGR:LabelText, OGR:LAbelAngle, OGR:LabelSize
  and OGR:LabelColor to MapScript getShape() calls (#2719)


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