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This HOWTO describes the process to create a new FGS release.


After new functionalities or improvements have been added to FGS by 
developers in their environment, and after these have been fairly tested, 
time comes to create a new release.  The start of the release cycle can 
begin based on a common agreement amongs developers.

Release process

To release a new version of FGS, the following steps must be executed:

1) Download the virtual machine from the Maptools Web site 
   (http://maptools.org/fgs/index.phtml?page=downloads.html).  Note that 
   this virtual machine is not available yet.

2) Start the virtual machine player.

3) Log in to the virtual machine (username: fgs, password:  fgs-dev).

4) Update the fgs-dev source tree or check out a fresh version of the fgs-dev 
   source tree from cvs (:pserver:cvsanon@cvs.maptools.org:/cvs/maptools/cvsroot
   with no password).

5) Build all FGS packages found in the /home/fgs-dev/build.list file of the 
   virtual machine by fixing issues encountered and committing changes to CVS 
   as you go in your local development environment.

6) Test the new release in various environments, log bugs if issues are found.

7) Update the fgs-dev source tree on the virtual machine and go back to step 5 
   if issues were found.  Go to step 8 otherwise.

8) Tag and/or branch the fgs-dev source tree in CVS:

    8-a) For major releases (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, ..., 2.0, ...) a branch needs to be 
         created. The branch should be called "branch-x-y", e.g. branch-1-0, 
         branch-1-1, etc.

         cvs tag -b branch-1-0

    8-b) For all releases, major releases as well as bug fix release, a tag is 
         created in the format "rel-x-y-z", e.g. rel-1-0-0, rel-1-0-1, etc.

         cvs tag rel-1-0-0 

9) Upload the virtual machine and all packages on the Web site

10) Update the FGS documentation on the Web site 

11) Post an announce on the FGS mailing list (http://maptools.org/fgs/index.phtm

Last Updated: 2008-05-28

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