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This HOWTO describes the process to modify a release compatible FGS package.


For this purpose, the FGS development team prepares the release builds in a 
VMWare virtual machine and makes a copy of that virtual machine available for 
every release.  Note that this virtual machine is not available yet.

Package building process

To modify an existing  package or add a new one, the following steps must be 

1) Download the virtual machine from the Maptools Web site 

2) Start the virtual machine player.

3) Log in to the virtual machine (username: fgs, password:  fgs-dev).

4) Modify the target FGS package.

5) The fgs-dev build environment is installed in /home/fgs/fgs-dev.  Set the 
   environment.  To do so go into the fgs-dev root directory and execute 
   ". setenv.sh".

6) Build the package by issuing the "fgsdev build_pkg fgs_package" command.  
7) Install the package or re-install the modified package in your fgs 

8) Come back to the fgs-dev environment to fix any issues that were met
   when the package was used in the fgs environment. Go back to step 5 or
   if everything behaves as you expected you are done.

10) If you want to contribute a new package to the FGS project and make it 
    available to all users in a future release,  please submit your package 
    idea for discussion and to gauge interest on the FGS mailing list 


Suppose we want to add MrSID image format support in GDAL, we should follow the 
above steps from 1 to 4.  We need to modify the fgs_build file, in step 5, by 
uncommenting the following line:

#OPTIONS="$OPTIONS --with-mrsid=$FGS_DEV_HOME/src/Geo_DSDK-"

Then we build the GDAL package by executing "fgsdev build_pkg gdal".  If
everything goes well we should have a new fgs-gdal-base-x.y.z-linux-i386.tar.gz
tar ball.

We install or reinstall the GDAL package in our fgs environment and we proceed
with testing.  We need to go back to step 5 if there is any issue with the

That's it.

Last Updated: 2008-05-28

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